A Call to Action for a Social Finance & Enterprise Strategy in New Brunswick

Why are we doing this?

New Brunswick is without a provincial social finance or social enterprise strategy, a gap that places it behind other provinces with established strategies fostering investment into social enterprises. The urgency for such a strategy is underscored by the federal Social Finance Fund’s (SFF) recent developments, as well as dialogues at the Atlantic Social Impact Summit, which spotlight the need for a coordinated provincial approach to capture emerging investment opportunities for the social economy.

$755 million

Invested by the federal government to accelerate the growth of Canada’s social finance market

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A Social Finance & Enterprise Strategy will benefit New Brunswick in 2 ways


Provide a roadmap for investments into social purpose organizations (SPO) and social enterprises.

Community Development

Enhance their funding capabilities and contribute to New Brunswick and community development.

The recent governance reforms endowing regional service commissions with economic development mandates could be instrumental in the growth and coordination of the social enterprise ecosystem.

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