Social Enterprise Traction and Growth

The Social Enterprise Deep Dive: Traction & Growth is targeted for non-profit led social enterprises who are generating at least $5,000 in annual revenue. This revenue is earned through selling a product or service, and is non-grant based. This 4-month program is designed to scale up your social enterprise, with a plan to increase your earned revenue by at least 30%.

Your results are your own, though this program will bring you together with others who are working on a similar vision for their organization, as well as social enterprise leaders who have grown their earned revenue. Sessions will be working sessions with a mixture of networking time, time with an expert, and time with a social enterprise coach.

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Event Pictures

Spring 2023 Participants

Briana Cowie | Project: Village | ECW | Executive Director

The Spring 2023 cohort culminated in a presentation of participants‘ work at the inaugural Social Enterprise Excellence Symposium.