Are you a non-profit leader thinking about financial resilience and sustainability for your organization? Do you identify as entrepreneurial? If you answered yes to both of these, you are likely pursuing or interested in pursuing a social enterprise. At Social Enterprise NB, we define social enterprise as a revenue-generating project or corporation owned and operated by a non-profit organization. The goal of this revenue generation is to be mission aligned and to channel surplus revenue into your non-profit’s mission. A commonly known example of a social enterprise is Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore – it’s both on mission, and generates surplus revenue to support Habitat for Humanity.

Throughout 2023, Social Enterprise NB is focused on building the capacity of non-profits to turn ideas into social enterprises through 4 district and targeted programs. Check out the 4 programs below by clicking through the images to learn more.

Social Enterprise NB is operated by the Pond-Deshpande Centre at the University of New Brunswick. Their mission is to create the capacity to change systems – in this case, the system of how non-profits both think about and generate money to achieve impact.  Social Enterprise NB is funded by the Economic and Social Inclusion Corporation (ESIC) of NB. Their mission is to reduce poverty and help New Brunswickers become self-sufficient – in this case, they are assisting NB non-profits in becoming financially resilient and sustainable.