This program is targeted at non-profits who are at the ideation stage or early validation of their social enterprise. Your social enterprise may be pre-revenue, have very early customers, or you may be testing a couple of ideas to see which ones are going to get you the best results.

This 4-month program will bring your social enterprise to life alongside others in NB who are working on a similar vision for their organization. We’ll start the program by meeting in-person to develop connections with each other, meet virtually – both internally with each other and with experts, and then finish the program with a Capstone presentation on your work at the Social Enterprise Excellence Event in June 2023. We ask that you check your calendar before applying to determine whether you are available for most dates of the program.

Our goal is to help you get serious and see results in your social enterprise ideation over the 4 months and present the results of your work at the Capstone event, where you can garner attention (customers, investors) for your social enterprise.

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