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social enterprise excellence Symposium

Social enterprises are a growing field of impact. Social enterprises have been part of community economic development for a long time, and Social Enterprise NB is convening the ecosystem!


If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that magic happens when you get people together. The first Social Enterprise Excellence symposium was held in Fredericton on June 15th, 2023.

We brought together social enterprise leaders from across the province to get together, discuss their practice, learn from each other and deepen their practice.


Perry Kendall, CEO of Habitat for Humanity NB, gave us an overview of their social enterprise, the ReStore, which has a multi-decade history starting in the Prairies, and then growing across Canada and into the USA.

We heard from social enterprise practitioners who participated in our Spring 2023 deep dive program, and we heard an update about the work of the Social Enterprise Advisory Council of NB that has been convening on the development of a social enterprise strategy in our province.

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2023 speakers

Esther Ibang

Justin Ryan

Frances Leblanc

Briana Cowie

Julie Kelly