Does your social enterprise have the opportunity to bid on larger work? We know that every purchase has a social, economic, cultural, and environmental impact. How can your social enterprise find customers who are looking to buy social? And how can you further increase the social buying power of your own social enterprise? Join our expert from Buy Social Canada to learn from case studies and discuss.


Who is Buy Social Canada?

We are a social enterprise that believes that procurement is more than an economic transaction, it contributes to community social and economic goals. We see opportunities to buy and sell and with impact at all levels in the marketplace. Through social procurement advocacy, education and consulting, we are taking back control from the invisible hand of capitalism. As we create a social value marketplace, we are unleashing the transformative power of the market.


What do we do?

We bring together purpose driven purchasers and social value suppliers to build business relationships that generate social benefits for communities across the country. We work with community, private sector and public sector to provide training, develop policy and share resources. We offer a recognized, Canada-wide social enterprise certification that opens the door to our growing network of social purchasers. Every purchase has an economic, environmental and social impact, whether intended or not. The collective effort of leveraging social value from purchasing has a powerful and positive ripple effect on our communities.


Our expert – Tori Williamson

With a passion for understanding the systems around us and working collaboratively on community-centred solutions, Tori believes in people and the power of shifting perspectives and objectives to create monumental change. As Director of Education and Communications at Buy Social Canada, she spearheads consulting and works across the social procurement ecosystem. She sits on the Stronger Together Solidarity Working Group to help bring inclusion, diversity, equity, and access to the social innovation sector. Currently, she is the Project Manager for Wood Buffalo Social Procurement Implementation, Winnipeg Sustainable Procurement Action Plan, Peterborough Social Procurement Project, the lead for Buy Social Canada’s Social Procurement Supplier Readiness (SUPER) training program and Education and Training Lead for the British Columbia Social Procurement Initiative.


For our purposes, we are defining social enterprise as: a revenue-generating enterprise or project operated by a non-profit organization.


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